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People are talking about...Parterre x Weezie. Our limited edition collaboration with the two tastemakers behind Parterre is finally here!

At Weezie, product collaborations present the opportunity to connect with some of the most inspiring creatives in our orbit and make something beautiful together. We’ve had our eye on Parterre since the lifestyle brand’s launch last year, and admired the powerhouse pair behind it long before that. With an eye toward gardening, decorating and life well lived, founders and longtime friends Julia Berolzheimer and Hanna Seabrook design thoughtful collections of apparel and accessories for women, littles and home — and it was only a matter of time before we came knocking at their door. Here, Julia and Hanna share the story of how Parterre x Weezie came to be and give us the inside scoop on their own favorite pieces from the collection.

What were some of the reasons Parterre x Weezie felt like an ideal partnership/collaboration?

JB: I have loved Weezie for years — they’re the only towels we keep in our home. I’m such a fan of the brand and appreciate how thoughtful they’ve been about growing and collaborating. With Parterre, we focus on creating beautiful core products that feel special and seasonless, so it was a natural fit to blend our brands given we share such a similar ethos. 

HS: Julia and I both gravitate toward quality products and brands who know themselves — Weezie speaks to both. We knew they would be thoughtful with our vision and put the same care into these pieces as they do with their own products.

"With Parterre, we focus on creating beautiful core products that feel special and seasonless, so it was a natural fit to blend our brands given we share such a similar ethos."

Can you share some background on the patterns in the collection?

HS: We pulled prints from our first collection that complemented each other and still felt unique. Clover is clean, soft and more masculine, and Florence is natural, formal and feminine.

JB: Florence and Clover are the two most-loved prints in our collection. The Florence print is a personal favorite for me and Hanna — we offer it on everything from women’s clothing to tabletop to baby items — and we knew it would be exquisite to turn it into embroidery. The blue Clover is a customer favorite, and one we initially only had available in baby items. Since so many people loved this print, we wanted to do more with it, hence the robes for women and littles robes, which feel classic and perfect for boys or girls. 

What was it like to work with Weezie to bring this collection together?

JB: Putting our Parterre touch on Weezie products was seamless. We wanted the same thing: to be exceptionally proud of the products we created together. We had many ideas, and tried quite a few of them, but ultimately narrowed it down to this strong, thoughtful collection that we feel represents both of our brands so beautifully. 

HS: Our paths have crossed for many moons, for a variety of reasons. Knitting those connections together and collaborating on a collection together was an effortless decision, and such a happy work process.

How do you envision customers using this collection? 

HS: We wanted this collection to celebrate beautiful moments at home. Clover provides a sweet matching moment between mother and child or sister and brother, while the embroidered pieces have a slight hint of formality. From the start, we envisioned the Florence robe as a dressing gown, with more tailored lines and sleeves. We wanted it to be something you would wear while getting ready. or could feel confident wearing to play morning hostess with company.

JB: I use my towels and robes every single day, whether I’m just hopping out of the shower or adding an extra cozy layer in the morning. I hope our customers do the same!

"We wanted this collection to celebrate beautiful moments at home."

Which pieces are you most excited to use in this collection?

JB: I’m in love with the Florence embroidery because it sits so well with my home decor and taste. I have our towels hanging in our primary bathroom, and I’ve been living in my matching robe as well.

HS: The embroidered towels! I have never seen anything like them. They bring the outside world in.  

The Parterre x Weezie collection is available now — don’t miss it!




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