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Introducing Weezie’s latest series, Let’s Talk, straight from the desk of our color-craving, pattern-obsessed, daydreaming-of-design Creative Director, Liz Eichholz. With each installment, Liz spills her latest saves and shares.

They say the devil is in the details, but I much prefer the more positive spin on this idiom: the delight is in the details. While this rings true in so many of life’s pursuits, it feels particularly applicable to design. Have you ever stepped into a space, only to be stopped in your tracks? (or perhaps more figuratively, stopped in your scroll?) I love nothing more than the unexpected, the  ‘something special’ that catches you by surprise to deliver a true moment of magic in a space.

I often find that it's the tiniest of details that pack the biggest of punches. A room that exudes comfort, style, and personality is one in which no element has been overlooked. It’s the tiniest of design decisions that make a space sing, the harmony of which takes it from zero to zhush. Enter my latest obsession: decorative wallpaper trims. A quick glance at my Pinterest boards and Instagram saves reveals a personal obsession with this re-emerging trend that is at once dramatic and understated.

What’s old is new again. Once a decorative accent left for your grandmother’s house, wallpaper trim is on the rise as a clever way to add a touch of magic to your walls. As this article from House & Garden reveals, decorators of yore employed wallpaper trims to hide imperfections and flaws. In today’s design world, where so many seem to be embracing the British penchant for the bolder (and more layered and eclectic) the better, trims are so much more than a bandaid afterthought: they’re an active design decision to embrace energy and personality.

Some of our favorite design houses such as Ottoline and Parker & Jules (not surprisingly, many of our saved styles hail from across the pond) have rolled out trims to up the accentuation ante. Plain or printed, whether used on the ceiling or around a door, trims provide a sense of structure and balance, while also delivering a wow. They provide a tasteful transition from a wallpapered to a painted or paneled space, or even straddling the intersection of two distinct papers (as any design lover knows, more really is more!) Looking to go bold on a budget? Consider paint for a similar effect.

Quirky yet sophisticated, this unexpected design detail takes a room to the next level. Delighted, indeed.

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Liz Eichholz

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