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Any other time, work from home would be the dream: music playing, sweatpants on, Weezie robe on over that. But because of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not just you getting into a groove – it’s your whole family. We know that having kids underfoot makes it super hard to get things done, so we made a list of some resources for keeping your kids busy while you’re trying to work. (Don’t worry! It’s not just Frozen II.)   

Instagram Accounts With Ideas for Kid’s Activities:

Of course, some of the best ideas out there come from Insta-spiration. Here are some of our favorites. 

  1. @busytoddlerLEGO bath Susie Allison from Busy Toddler came up with an AMAZING idea for keeping your toddler occupied (read: giving you time to breathe) for a little while. Two words: LEGO. Bath. 
  2. @myboredtoddlerItems to buy if you’re stuck inside If the handle didn’t tip you off, this is the perfect account for all things, well, bored toddlers. This mom of two came up with 10 things you should add to your quarantine shopping list (while you can still have things shipped!). 
  3. @happytoddlerplaytimeDIY sensory bags & No and Low-Prep Activities for 1 year olds This account is chock-full of no- and low-prep activity ideas for younger kids, like this amazing DIY sensory bag. It’s just frozen peas, cold water, a Ziploc, and duct tape, aka things you probably already have in your house. 
  4. @findthelittlemindBuilding Brick Prints One fun idea from Lucy of @findthelittlemind: building block prints. It’s a great way to help your little ones find new ways to engage with toys they might be getting tired of!
  5. @learnandbloomChalk Wall Art This one is great if you just need your kids out of the house while you handle that conference call. It’s such a simple reimagine of paint-by-numbers, just outside! Create a pattern on a fence, sidewalk, or driveway … and then just add chalk. 
  6. @adelines_hearts_and_craftsGerm paint & reveal This is such a great idea for helping your kids understand why it’s so important to wash our hands, now and always – and all you need is a little clear or white crayon and some paint. 
  7. @inspiremyplayFlower arranging If you have a colander and some artificial plants around the house, you have a game that will a) keep your little one entertained for hours and b) working on their fine motor skills. Option to replace the fake flowers for real ones, if you’re able to get out of the house for a walk around the neighborhood. 
  8. @7daysofplayCounting w/ Pizza Here’s an easy way to reuse an old pizza box or some leftover cardboard. Added bonus that it can help your kids work on number recognition and counting skills while preschool is closed, by matching the number of pepperonis to the number on the box. 
  9. Predictable Daily Schedule from @mothercould Predictable Daily Schedules Experts say the best way to get through an uncertain time like the present is with routines, schedules and predictability. Here’s a good framework that we found. 
  10. Easy Peasy activity List from @kidsplaytricks Activity Lists Speaking of routines, we loved this easy way to create a to-do list of daily activities with your kids – and not just chores, fun activities, too! 

Printable Coloring Books:

From Sally King Benedict & Dorothy Shain. If you’re out of coloring books at home, this is a perfect way to add a few pages here and there. 

Other Resources: 

Union Square PlayEvery day, this resource recommends one offline at-home activity and they post a video of a children’s class – and there’s something for you, too! They have one online event for parents every day, like a Q-and-A with an expert. Plus, with so much on the site, there are also tons of activities to look up when you’re looking for ideas. 

    From Romper: 1001 Ideas for Bored kids & 10 Indoor Games you can play with your kids and when all else fails, this site has more than 1,000 ideas for bored kids – and 10 social distancing-friendly games for you and your little ones inside. 

      Talking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus:

      If your kids spend any amount of time online, near a TV, or around other adults, they’re probably hearing about the coronavirus. It can be really difficult to make sure they know how to stay safe and healthy without worrying them too much, and it’s even harder to know how much they even need to know in the first place! Here are a couple of resources we found for navigating those tricky conversations. 

      1. How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (PBS
      2. Story: How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (Maisonette

      Working From Home With Kids:

      For a lot of us, this is our first time attempting to WFH with kids in the background. Luckily, other super-parents have been doing this for a while. Here are a couple of beginners’ guides. 

      1. Working from Home with Kids (Maisonette)
      2. How to Master Working From Home–While Under Quarantine With Kids (

      PS: We want to hear from our community! Do you have a secret weapon for keeping your kids occupied while you’re knocking things off your to-do list? Let us know on Instagram @weezietowels or email us at

      For more info about how we’re doing our part doing the pandemic, plus ideas about how you can help, click here.

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