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My name is Eliza Bishop and I am the owner of Paper Eliza, an online, custom paper shop in Birmingham, Alabama. While we specialize in wedding paper, we work with clients from all across the country to design invitation suites, stationery sets, logos and digital illustrations, custom crests and more.

How did you and your fiance meet?
Jordan and I met at a business school awards dinner our junior year of college at Samford University. Our families were seated together at the same table! We got the awkward first-time-meeting-the-parents out of the way early on ;)

When and where is the wedding?
December of 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina. I am from South Carolina and visited Charleston every summer growing up. I am so excited to share my beautiful state with all of my friends and family from all over.

How's wedding planning going?
Picking a time and place was definitely the hardest part. Jordan is from Atlanta, I'm from Spartanburg, we both live in Birmingham, and we wanted to get married in none of those places, ha! The world was our oyster but we also wanted to choose a place that was special to us. Additionally, we were limited by my sister's collegiate soccer schedule and couldn't get married any fall Saturdays. I think the date we chose is the only date that works with both of our families in all of 2024, but we know it's meant to be! Our wedding planner, Rachael Perkins, has been the BEST and we are getting so excited and creative with the design of the day.

Can you give us any sneak peeks (or inspo!) on the invitation suite?
Yes! I am loving sage green, ivory, and letterpress! It will be different than a lot of what I do but also designed in a similar fashion and hand.

What's one item on your registry that you're most looking forward to receiving?
I am a towel snob! Always have been, always will be - the Weezie Starter Pack is definitely high on my list. I am also obsessed with a Bath Sheet and love both the green piping (hello wedding color) or the classic white on white.


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