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Tell us about yourself, and what Round Top means to you.
I’m Cat Holloway, the Founder & Lead Designer of Holloway Events. We’re a Texas based Event Planning Firm. We specialize in creating high touch events which exude warmth and personality. Round Top means happiness in my mind. It’s a longstanding tradition with my mom and sister, where we traipse through a small town looking for one of a kind pieces for our home making memories along the way. I love Round Top so much I even had my bachelorette party during the spring show!

For those of us that are new around here, what is Round Top?!
The best place on earth! Ha! It’s an antique and artisan show where dealers come from all around the world to sell their pieces. For Texas women, it’s how we decorate our homes with gorgeous antiques and unique pieces… and if ya pay cash, your husband doesn’t know! ;) It happens three times a year now and is some of the most fun treasure hunting ever.

What does a typical day at Round Top look like?
My sister, mom, and I leave really early in the morning to drive to Round Top on a day when we can escape our daily lives. We arrive by nine before the show opens, wear comfy shoes, and most importantly… We have our lists. Every show we celebrate who makes the first purchase. It’s a fun tradition for us to spend time together and decorate our homes. I love that each of our homes have antiques we bought together. The pieces have an original story and now the story where they came to live in our homes. Now that I have two girls, I can’t wait to drag them along for the wild shopping ride.

Rapid fire:
Where to stay - Hotel Lulu

Where to dine - Royers Round Top Cafe - the pasta is a DREAM. We’ve been going there since I was a tiny girl. Bud and his family are hysterical. I’ve grown up on their food… and PIES. Y’all have to get the pie. Ooph, my mouth is watering.

Where to sip - Stone Cellar or back to Hotel Lulu to the cutest painted bar in Texas!

Where to shop (of course) - Of course, Bluehills, The Arbors, Marburger, I love the hunt of the fields so much (I knnnowww it’s rapid fire, but there are too many good places to be a gatekeeper!)

Most exciting / unique line I’ve discovered via Round Top is - So many treasures to just pick one! Our butcher block island. It’s not a “line” but I was 9 months pregnant with our first daughter, Birdie. I was trying to walk as much as possible to go into labor *do not recommend!* but I found the piece in a field for pennies on the dollar of what she should’ve been. They had to move it into my husband’s truck with a forklift. Needless to say, he was not pleased having to move it when I arrived home. 

My favorite find at the winter show was - Our breakfast nook chairs from Leftovers 

At the spring show, I’m shopping for - A new breakfast table annnddd a new dining table. All the tables.


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