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Tell us about your journey into design! How did you begin your career as a designer?
Growing up, my best friend’s family had an interior designer – she was always bringing new furniture pieces and decor to their home. I thought that looked like so much fun and wanted to be a designer from that day forward. I graduated from Auburn University and have worked mainly in residential design since!

Your (designer) style icon:
Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward

Where do you look to find inspo:
Everywhere. But lately, it’s been antiques. The craftsmanship and attention to detail these artisans, sometimes hundreds of years ago, put into their pieces is inspiring!

Can you give us a glimpse into the process of bringing this beautiful bathroom together?
Our design team is very collaborative and the design process for this bathroom was typical for us in that regard! We started with a brainstorming meeting that led to the initial marble selection for the counter tops and shower. We wanted something new and fresh that had not been used in our area yet. Once the stone was selected, we pulled colors from it for the cabinetry, wallpaper, and tile. Our final decision was to use the wallpaper pattern for drapery fabric as well – we think it gives the space a playful cohesiveness.

The design brief:

Before you go…

Favorite Weezie item?
Make-up towels

What are you reading?
The Chronicles of Narnia

Who are you following?
The Misfit House
Republic of Toma
Cabin Porn
DeWinter Metalworks

What’s next?
More bathrooms….and bedrooms and living rooms! We have lots of great clients in a range of different cities and all with unique design aesthetics!

Recent interiors splurge:
On a recent buying trip to France, I bought three antique hand painted riflery targets from the mid 1800’s. They are super quirky!

Recent interiors steal:
Paint –  It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to make a large impact in a space.

About the Author

Liz Eichholz

Liz Eichholz

Co-Founder & Creative Director
University of Georgia, BFA, Graphic Design
11 years of experience