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Our latest piping color and a skirted sink? We're sold. We adore this charming bathroom designed by Bess Dubose for her son, Bill. Keep reading for all of the sourcing and her tips for nailing the skirted sink look.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into interior design!

I started off staging houses and then eventually worked for an interior designer in Chapel Hill, where I learned SO much about the industry. I decided to start BDI in early 2020 with the intention of taking on just a few clients at a time while also starting a family. It was definitely scary going out on my own but I have loved the freedom it has allowed me. Lots of support from family and friends goes a long way too when starting your own business

Can you explain your style in one sentence? Ready, set, go!

Comfortable but curated with a mix of old and new, traditional and funky. Is that a sentence? I am a real believer in if you like it, buy it and it will work somewhere! 

You helped us launch our red piping with the most fun bathroom. What can you tell us about this space and your decision to go bold with the color and pattern?

I have always loved the idea of firetruck red for a little boy so the trim was honestly my starting point. I went with a softer scheme for his nursery so I knew I wanted to go bold in his bathroom. It’s such a tiny space, so the towels are a big part of the design. Once Lindsey told me yall were coming out with red piping I knew your towels would be the perfect thing to bring it together. They make such an impact in the small space! 

We are so obsessed with skirted sinks! What are your tips when it comes to picking the right fabric to skirt your sink with?!

Me too! Honestly, I think you can make most patterns (or a solid) work for a skirted sink. However, I think the most important thing in making a skirt work is making sure your skirt is perfectly tailored: it should just hit the floor, as opposed to pooling.


Favorite coffee table book to give as a gift: 

Pierce and Ward’s A Tale of Interiors or Nicky Kehoe’s Golden Light

Favorite artist right now?

I have my eye on a Holly Keogh piece right now. Other recent faves include Renee Bouchon, Hugo Guinness and Laura Deems

Favorite brands to follow on IG:  

Beata Heuman, KRB NYC, Land of Bebe, Marigold Modern, and Brent Neale

Recent interior design splurge?

New Dining Room light fixture from Soane.

Recent interior design steal? 

A client’s sofa from Chairish and a vintage, rattan mirror for my son’s nursery from 1stDibs. 

Can you share your most recent IG saves with us?

Here they are!


Thanks, Bess! Loving this look? You can shop our red piped bath towels here



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