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It’s only July, but 2020 has already been a *year*. Staying at home coincided with spring cleaning, and probably a little stress cleaning, too. Because we’re us, we spent a lot of that time transforming our bathrooms, and we’ve found that the little things go a long way. That’s right, we’re talking about bathroom accessories. And we thought we’d share some of our best tips. If you’re starting from scratch, these accessories could be the finishing touches your bathroom needs to make it really pop. And if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your existing space, we hope these ideas help you transform it into something totally new. 

Trays: If the edge of your sink is where your soap, toothbrush holder, and candle all live, trays are a super easy hack for making those necessary items look more organized. Bonus: you can always invest in festive trays for different seasons or holidays! Here are some of our favorites...

Curtains: Let’s be real. Besides wallpaper, shower curtains basically take up your whole bathroom, and they really draw the eye. So why not make it count? Here are a couple of chic ones that we love…

Photo taken by Christine Kreinbihl. Pictured is our Tullie Short Robe.

Waste Bins & Toilet Brushes: Speaking of necessities – waste bins and toilet brushes are a must when it comes to bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Tissue Box Covers: If the Kleenex logo doesn’t quite match the style you’re going for, tissue box covers are a quick fix. You can go as simple as you want or make a statement!

Storage: Between Q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup brushes, there might be a bit of chaos on your washbasin or behind your medicine cabinet. Some small storage containers could help tidy that up in a cinch!

Candles: The best way to take a bath to the next level? Candles. We picked out a few that look as pretty as they smell, to brighten your space even in between baths. 

Pictured here is our Light Blue Washcloth and Otherland's Canopy Candle

And last but not least: soaps. Obviously, soap is a very important part of any bathroom – even more so in a pandemic! – but they don’t have to be boring! We’ve found a few pretty bottles that can make a statement, and make your vanity unique. 

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